We are a Pune (India) based company. We are involved in providing the Eco friendly, pollution free power solutions. We are manufacturer/ dealer/suppliers of various solar power equipments & systems. We started our venture in year 2008 in very small scale operation.

Our products are Solar LED home lighting systems, Solar LED street lighting systems, Solar charge controllers, LED lamps, Led tube lights, Solar mobile charges, Solar water pumping system etc. Our client base is spread throughout India. This includes many OEMs dealers, Manufacturers, & a lot of individuals also.

We are promoting to increase the use of SOLAR POWER in our daily life. We are manufacturing products, which are energy efficient, less maintenance required & offer trouble free operation years together. Our development cell is continuously behind to provide the best power solutions at reasonable cost with best performance in its category.

Why solar?

Nowadays the power crises are going worse. The electricity is one of the major resources which are required in our day to day life. Major of the electricity producing power plant are coal based. Those produce a lot of pollution, which is very much harmful to environment. It produces the green house gases in large amount. The fossil fuels like Petrol, Diesel & natural fuel gases are getting costlier & rarer day by day.

To overcome these problems we can utilize the SOLAR POWER.
Solar energy is absolutely free with zero pollution. It is available in large amount, almost 10 months in a year. It produces the electricity which is clean & green. If we use the electricity produced from solar power then it helps to reduce the pollution form the coal based power plants. Solar energy can prove the best source of alternative energy.

We can us the solar power in our day to day life & help nature to preserve the environment.

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